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Some of the fiercest climbs in the country are in Co Donegal, and are part of the Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra 555

The Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra 555 is offering 11 options for riders who want to compete in this year’s event. There are options for solo entrants or teams of two, four of six riders.

And the distances on offer include routes of 222km, 333km or 555km, for both solo entrants and teams in a variety of permutations.

The event gets underway on Saturday, August 10th, and you can enter by following this link. The organisers say the event is for “seasoned ultra-cyclist seeking a new challenge or a passionate enthusiast looking to experience the beauty of Donegal on two wheels”.

“The Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra promises an unparalleled cycling adventure, weaving through the diverse terrain of Donegal and showcasing its most picturesque areas,” the organisers said.

“As you traverse the route, you’ll encounter the stunning coastal vistas, charming villages, and undulating hills that define the unique character of this region. This event is not merely a race; it’s a celebration of endurance, camaraderie, and the sheer joy of cycling against the backdrop of Donegal’s natural splendor.

Donegal Atlantic Way Ultra | The Option

  • Solo Entry – 222km € 200.00
  • 2 Person Team – 222km € 300.00
  • 4 Person Team – 333km € 400.00
  • Solo Entry 555km – Unsupported € 320.00
  • Solo Entry 555km € 300.00
  • 2 Person Team – 555km € 345.00
  • 4 Person Team – 555km € 555.00
  • 6 Person Team – 555km € 600.00
  • Solo Entry – 333km – Unsupported € 240.00
  • Solo Entry – 333km € 250.00
  • 2 Person Team – 333km € 280.00

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