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We want to keep covering the big iconic moments in Irish cycling and all the action from across Ireland every weekend as well as general cycling news, as we’ve been doing for the last decade. We also have plans to expand, with our new look just the first step in that process. But none of that will happen without your support. You can become a ‘Stickybottle Supporter’ for just €5 per month

Dear Reader, You’ve probably noticed the launch of our new site today and hopefully you like it. It’s an exciting and important development for us and for you. Of course, it was long overdue and we think it’s a great move for Irish cycling coverage.

We’re determined to make much better for your enjoyment. We’re asking for your support to do that. So become a ‘Stickybottle Supporter’ now from just €5 per month. Every cent will fund more stories, and better stories, about Irish cycling.

Support us for €5 per month

The new site should look much better and be easier to navigate.
Our new look is not the only change we’re introducing today. And this is where
you come in. Please stick with us for a minute while we explain.

Like all forms of media around the world, stickybottle
needs to change how we raise money to pay the bills every month. And with the
improvement and expansion plans we have, that’s now more important than ever.

From today, we’re asking you to become a ‘Stickybottle Supporter’ for €5 per month. We think that’s a modest amount and it should be very manageable for most of you.

If you visit the site at least once a week, you’re the reader we are appealing to. We’re asking you to sign up as a ‘Stickybottle Support’ for €5 per month and we’re asking you to do that immediately.

Don’t wait. Do it now. It’s a small fee and it will go directly to journalism covering Irish cycling. You can also cancel at any time, so it’s not a major life decision!

But this is not a ‘donate button’. That will become clear in time.

While we have a group of fantastic advertisers who have
been supporting us for years, it’s a small group. And it’s not going to be
enough to keep us running, never mind enable us to get bigger and better.

We have to be honest and say stickybottle won’t continue for much longer without reader support. There’s no point in us not being open about that.

But having covered Irish cycling for 10 years, we’re very confident you and the rest of our readers will back us.

Support us for now on the basis of the coverage we’ve given Irish cycling over the past 10 years. And in time you can decide if you’re going to continue supporting us. You can sign up by following this link or you can click on the ‘Stickybottle Supporter’ button, which will appear on every story on the site.

We’ll be in touch again in coming days with some further updates and plans.

Be bold. Back us and back Irish cycling.


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