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In happier times | Dublin-based photographer Killian Whyte has outlined the litany of serious injuries he sustained in a crash with a bus driver on Dublin’s O’Connell St (Photo: Luis Santos)

A cyclist who was rushed to hospital after a crash with a bus driver on Dublin’s O’Connell St at the weekend has said he feels lucky to be alive. Dublin-based nightlife photographers, Keith Whyte, said he was knocked unconscious in the crash, suffering a litany of broke bones from his face to his legs.

A fundraiser has now been launched for him online in a bid to ensure he can continue to pay his bills, including his rent, during the long recovery road ahead of him. However, while he has broken multiple bones, include a compound factor to his leg, he felt fortunate to be able to speak about the crash.

Gardaí are now investigating how the crash occurred at about 10.30pm on Friday as he was cycling to work, with his bag of cameras and other kit on his back. While he was taken to the Mater Hospital, where he remains, he said “I went down and lost consciousness I thought that was it”.

“I would just like a chance to let people know how fucking grateful I am to be able to write this post after going under the back wheels of a bus and being completely run over,” he said on Instagramadding he thought he would die.

“Doctors seemed in awe I was able to talk to them coherently, given the nature of the crash. I do have a pretty mental amount of serious injury, I can’t even keep count of, with fractures in the face, neck shoulder, ribs, hips, the bone is exposed (in) my legs and my foot’s broken too.”

He said while he was not going to have a “quick recovery”, adding he wanted to let people know he would not be able to keep his photography commitments for some time.

“To be honest to I don’t know when I will be back it, I had every camera in that bag when I went down and the gardai have it too,” he added of the tools of his trade.

The fundraiser set up for him online – which you can find here – described Whyte as “a favoured and legendary photographer in the Dublin hospitality and nightlife scene”.

It added: “Since he will be unable to work, he is under threat of losing his home due to not being able to pay rent while he is recovering.

“We are hoping to raise enough money to help with medical bills during his long stay in hospital, to be able to replace his equipment so he can get back to work once recovered and to cover his rent until needed.”

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