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Cycling Ireland has received an end of year financial boost with additional funding from Government via Sport Ireland (Photo: Phil Darby)

Cycling Ireland has received a welcome end of year financial boost after being awarded additional funds by Sport Ireland, the umbrella agency for national governing bodies.

The extra money, which is effectively cycling’s share of a €6.4million multi sport allocation, will mostly be used to increase participation in cycling by children across the country.

In total, Cycling Ireland said it would receive €230,000 under the ‘dormant accounts fund’, which is made available through Minister for Rural and Community Development Heather Humphreys TD and allocated by Sport Ireland.

“Of this, €150,000 is under the Get Ireland Projects, this will go towards Get Ireland Cycling,” Cycling Ireland said in a statement of its €230,000 share of the money.

“This initiative is directly aimed towards increasing participation in cycling among children and is expected to reach 3,600 children. The initiative will include two programmes – ‘balance bike’ and ‘cycling skills’. Both programmes will be delivered by activation officers in partnership with 35 DEIS primary schools supporters.

“In addition to this focus on making cycling more accessible to school aged children, there will also be five newly established ‘cycling hubs’ in collaboration with ‘local sports partnerships’ and local councils. These hubs will enable a new focus on brining adults into the sport.”

A further €30,000 will go to ‘volunteer supports’, €10,000 for ‘her moves’ and €40,000 for ‘local disability sports fund’.

“The volunteer supports funding will also target cycling at a grassroots level,” Cycling Ireland said. “The funding will go towards the ‘cycle champions-youth leadership’ programme.

“Youth leaders will be targeted throughout the delivery of the programme which will be delivered by Cycling Ireland coaches in partnership with 25 post primary DEIS schools supporters and local primary schools.”

Cycling Ireland added the funding available through ‘her moves’ would enable it to work in collaboration with schools to deliver opportunities for about 400 teenage girls.

The €40,000 from the ‘local disability sports fund’ will be “invested into the provision of disability specific training, education or resources to local clubs and volunteers to deliver a handcycle coaching course in each province”.

Paul Norton, Cycling Ireland’s interim participation manager, said the dormant accounts funding was “key to allowing Cycling Ireland deliver programmes, equipment, and courses to thousands of young people aged between 5 and 17”.

“Without this funding, these children and teenagers may not have the opportunities to acquire the skills or experience cycling,” he added.

“Cycling Ireland is looking forward to creating more positive experiences through cycling for even more young people in 2024, all thanks to dormant account funding and the team in Cycling Ireland who work hard each year to deliver these programmes.”

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