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Education Coordinator
Purpose: The Education Coordinator serves Community Cycles’ mission by directing its
educational offerings. The Coordinator designs curricula, recruits and trains instructors, teaches
classes as needed, coordinates enrollment, and oversees instructor and student assessment.
The Coordinator ensures that all Community Cycles course offerings, in keeping with our stated
values, contain an environmental-awareness component advocating for bicycles as
transportation, an advocacy component which familiarizes them with our political and
social-justice work, and an apprenticeship component in the form of volunteer hours.

Education/ Experience/ Specific Knowledge:
Education Coordinator should have significant professional experience with bicycle mechanics
(2 + years) and retail sales, as well as training in pedagogical theory and practical experience
teaching (1+ years). The Education Coordinator should be firmly committed to the creation and
support of a space where all persons committed to Community Cycles’ mission are free to grow
& develop and possess excellent communication and organization skills. Spanish fluency is
strongly desired. Demonstrated computer skills needed. Experience with WordPress, Salesforce
and Formstack is a plus.

General Responsibilities:
Promote a welcoming & learning environment in all workshops, provide mechanical bicycle
education to members, volunteers, staff and participants alike. Work closely with staff to
maintain organized space, coordinate volunteer shifts, maintain up to date events calendar.
Coordinate & recruit volunteers

Do It Yourself (DIY) shop
● Maintain the DIY reservation system and schedule DIY lab techs
● Direct volunteer training and coordinate the volunteer schedule
● Work one DIY shift as Learn A Bike (LAB) Tech per week

Classes & Workshops
These are the goals for the number of each of these classes Community Cycles will offer a year.
The Education Coordinator will schedule classes and recruit volunteer instructors or teach
Complete Mechanics Series (CMS) 10 session a year
○ Recruit CMS volunteer Instructors
○ Teach CMS sessions when volunteer instructors are not available
Stand alone classes/one offs
These classes are mandatory:
● 25 Fix a flat classes a year
● 25 Maintenance 101 classes a year
● 2 Winter Bike Commuting classes a year
There is also a goal of 2 additional classes a month. These can be one-offs or reoccurring
workshops. The list below is what we have offered in the past. We can offer these or have new
offerings or a combination of both. Some of these have instructors who have taught them
regularly for a number of years.
● Wheel Building
● WTF (Women, Trans, Femme)
● Bike fit
● Field repair
● Brakes
● Bike Commuting
● Touring
● Biking for Women

Update and maintain education curriculum & One off workshops
● Stock and maintain all materials (including but not limited to Park Tool BBB, CMS
graduation certificates, props and workshop bikes for instructors’ use in classes)

Administrative & Outreach:
● Track participation of all workshops & students’ progress
● Distribute surveys to graduates and review the student feedback for improvements that
can be made.
● Submit monthly student progress report / survey feedback to the Shop & Executive
Director for Board Reports
● Notify all students of the series commencement and shop safety requirements.
● Manage the CMS Notification Email List (waitlist)
● Collaborate & Maintain Up-to-date Website information
● Maintain Workshop/ class calendars (Google and Formstack)
● Coordination of social media posts with the Communication Team
● Maintain the workshop schedule whiteboard in the shop

Reports to: Executive Director / Shop Director

Pay: FT $34,000 -$39,000 depending on experience

Send Resumes to [email protected]

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