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The famed Italian brand has introduced a road e-bike that weighs just 24 lbs. and its Mahle X30 hub produces a spirited 45Nm of torque.

Bianchi Oltre Includes New Mahle X30 System

Bianchi is one of the oldest, possibly, the oldest, bike brands in the world with a history that dates back to 1885. Their top-of-the-line carbon fiber road bike is the Oltre, a beauty with clean lines and a Tour de France pedigree.

And now, for everyone who needs some help going 20 mph, the Bianchi E-Beyond adds the Mahle X30 hub motor to yield one of the lightest e-bikes on the market—just 11kg (24.2 lbs.)—light enough to rival Trek’s Domane+ SLR. It wasn’t that many years ago that a racing bike weighed 24 lbs.

The Mahle X30 hub in the E-Oltre produces 250W and 45Nm of torque. It’s unlikely that another e-bike could put this hub to use as well as the E-Oltre; 45Nm of torque will see this e-bike accelerate like other e-bikes with much bigger motors while still retaining the feel of a regular road bike. This may be as close as some of us come to keeping the cake we are eating.

The Mahle X30 hub draws its power from a 250Wh internal battery that Bianchi says can offer as much as 90km (56 mi.) range on a single charge. It seems unlikely that such a small battery has ever accounted for so much range. Mahle makes a range-extending battery that is estimated to add another 55km (34 mi.).

Bianchi offers the E-Oltre in seven different sizes to give riders an optimal fit. They also make it in three different versions. One is equipped with Shimano’s 105 group and goes for around $5,500. There’s one with Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting that runs close to $7,000, while the top-of-the-line version with Shimano’s Dura-Ace Di2 goes for close to $11,000.

One of the things that road cyclists love in a great bike is the feeling that they are on something that responds to every nuance of movement, and the lighter the bike, the better it responds. The Bianchi E-Oltre is light enough that it will feel like a road bike while the extra muscle from the Mahle X30 hub will make climbing a pleasure.

With a maximum assist speed of 20 mph, The E-Oltre is likely to disappoint riders looking for something that will assist them to traffic speeds on flat roads, but for people doing rides with lots of hills or very long climbs, the Mahle X30 will make the uphills go quickly and on the descents riders are likely to forget they are on an e-bike.

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