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Monterey, CALIF. (2021 Sea Otter Classic) — The 2021 Sea Otter Classic had lots of electric bike influence this year, many of which were powered by Bosch.

Bosch, one of the industry-leading manufacturers of e-bike drive systems, had one of their concept bikes on display showing what the future could hold as far as e-bike design and engineering. The bike was built to have a clean, yet capable look and it was tied together by a 10-year anniversary Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive motor and the navigation-capable Bosch Nyon touch screen touch screen display. The full suspension design, spoked carbon one piece wheels and stealthy cable routing made the bike one hell of a looker.

Between Bosch’s arsenal of demo bikes and the size of their tent, Electric Bike Report couldn’t pass up talking to the Bosch team and seeing what they had in the works. To get more information on the concept bike we had a quick discussion with Jocelyn Vande Velde, the head marketer for Bosch in North America.

Bosch concept e-bike

The 10-year anniversary Bosch Performance Line CX motor had some neat gold bits.

Bosch’s glimpse into the future

The bike was built around the idea of “asking the question, what if?” Vande Velde told us. “It wasn’t meant to demonstrate any particular technology, but an overall experience that will really help people get out of their cars more.”

Bosch’s e-bike team has grown to over 600 employees over the past 10 years. “The team that dreamed up e-bikes came out of supporting the automotive industry, and of course we were able to pull our battery technology out of our power tools,” Jocelyn said.

Bosch concept e-bike

This bike is supposed to show off all of Bosch’s futuristic bits, but it was hard not to drool of the clean lines and nice details like the integrated handlebar and front rack combo.

Companies like Bosch span a wide range of industries and are able to pull different ideas and technologies from one industry to the next. It’s exciting to think about what could be, because of what other branches of Bosch are working on.

While I was a little sad that the concept e-bike on display was unrideable, it still gave me a lot of excitement about what the coming years could hold. The mentioned Nyon display was no doubt a big hint to where things are headed — its ability to navigate, track fitness and connect with other services shows where Bosch’s technology is at. Considering the Nyon isn’t even the newest display from Bosch it really shows things are evolving at a rapid rate.

Bosch is a little ahead of the curve thanks to how many technology-heavy industries they are involved in. This is not only obvious in their products’ looks, but also their performance. The concept bike had no issue making it on my list for the 5 Coolest things from Day 1 of Sea Otter Classic 2021.

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