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Staff Writer / E-Bike Expert

Located in beautiful St. George, Utah, is a leading authority on all things e-bikes. We are a consumer-oriented company dedicated to, among many other things, guiding e-bike newcomers as they learn about the sport, lending a hand to experienced riders as they look for their next bike and helping brands grow while challenging them to make a better product.

We set ourselves apart from our competition by being nuanced and detailed, and expect our contributors to be experts in their respective fields.’s reputation as a reliable source for all things e-bike has been growing for several years, and we’re looking for a new team member who can attract the attention of more experienced riders and help build the website as a destination for all things e-biking. is one of three outdoor and fitness review sites operated by the company. Our mission is to help riders learn about the sport and help guide buyers to quality products that fit their needs. Our reviewers test each product that is sent to us, compare it vs. competing brands and do their best to help consumers know the pro’s, con’s, best use cases and if that bike is right for them. They also are responsible for providing constructive feedback to the brand so they can in turn improve their product in future models.

In an industry where an increasing number of e-bikes are sold directly to consumers with little chance to ride the bike before buying, we think of ourselves as a place people can go to learn how an e-bike will actually feel and perform before they make a purchase.

The best part? We live and work in one of the most beautiful corners of Utah. Zion National Park is just a stone’s throw away, Las Vegas is two hours to the south and Lake Powell is two hours to the east.

Job Description: is seeking a new Content Creator/Product Reviewer to join our team. This person will be responsible for researching and testing the various e-bikes and writing in-depth, high quality reviews on each product. They will also need to be comfortable on camera for video reviews.

This position blends four communications disciplines — journalism, content marketing, product reviewing and copywriting — into a hybrid role that champions the electric bike industry while making sure our readers are kept informed and are guided towards the best possible equipment for them. The foundation of any good product review website is its content, and as one of the main contributors to you are responsible for that foundation.

You will:

  • Thoroughly test e-bikes and accessories on our home trails, bike paths and roads in southwestern Utah.
  • Write in-depth reviews of those products.
  • Work with our team to determine which products should be ranked on our best lists and where.
  • Frequently do on-camera reviews of e-bikes and equipment for our YouTube channel and website.
  • Create content for and answer questions on social media channels.
  • Generate content ideas based on SEO needs (targeting keywords, link building)
  • Write additional content, such as:
  • Industry news pieces
  • Blog posts
  • Website copy
  • Company profiles and reviews
  • Develop great relationships with other industry leaders and manufacturers
  • Help the website increase targeted traffic and social traffic in order to increase affiliate sales.
  • Be an all-around expert in electric bike riding. currently caters to more entry-level and recreational riders, but our ambitions are much greater than that. We would like to expand our reach to more experienced e-bike riders looking for tips and tricks, industry news or help determining what style of e-bike best suits them. That’s why an e-bike background is so important — you need to know your stuff.

In an increasing market of direct-to-consumer retailers, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to know a product beyond its spec sheet. Our goal is to be the resource that helps them understand everything they need to know before making a purchase.

A good candidate will:

  • Be a lover of all things e-biking (a background in traditional cycling is OK, too). You spend your weekends riding and would prefer to spend your weekdays doing it too (we might be able to help with that last part).
  • Preferably be a college graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, journalism or a journalism-related field.
  • Have 1-3 years experience as a professional journalist or writer. We want someone inquisitive and resourceful; a person not afraid to pick up the phone to conduct an interview or get questions answered, with writing chops to boot.
  • Be a passionate self-starter. You can follow directions but don’t necessarily need them to create interesting, polished content.
  • Be comfortable on camera. Video reviews are a good chunk of what we do.

Please know that this is just a wish list. We’re not going to sit here and demand you be a “unicorn,” “ninja” or “wizard.”


  • This role is based at our headquarters in St. George, Utah.
  • As a primary function of this job is hands-on product testing, a candidate will be expected to live in or relocate to the St. George area.

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary, depending on experience
  • Future growth opportunities. We want you to earn raises every year, and as you help us grow you will also have growth opportunities.
  • 12+ paid holidays per year. Paid holidays for 2021 include:
    • New Year’s Day – January 1st
    • Martin Luther King Day – January 18th
    • President’s Day – February 15th
    • Memorial Day – May 31st
    • Independence Day – July 2nd + 5th
    • Labor Day – September 6th
    • Thanksgiving – November 25th
    • Black Friday – November 26th
    • Christmas – December 24th – January 1st
  • 12 PTO (paid time off) days
  • Fun environment, where you get to be one of a very small group of people across the entire nation who test electric bikes.

*We do not currently offer medical insurance or 401K

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