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The Lifeplus Wahoo team has been cleared out of all of their bikes in a robbery at the women’s Tour of Britain

A British UCI team at the women’s Tour of Britain has only been able to stay in the race thanks to the generosity of rival teams after all of their bikes were stolen from their mechanics’ truck overnight.

The Lifeplus-Wahoo confirmed the 14 bikes were stolen from Macdonald Hill Valley Hotel, Whitchurch, Shropshire.

“We woke this morning to find all 14 of our Ribble Endurance SLR bikes stolen from our mechanic’s van. We are hoping to find a solution to enable us to start in Wrexham today,” the team add in an initial statement, which was followed by other teams coming to their rescue.

Just a couple of hours after informing their followers of the disastrous set-back, all of the team’s riders had signed on and were ready to start the start after a great effort by the other squads on the race.

“Wrexham we are here. All of our thanks and appreciation goes out to the many teams that offered and gave their spare team bikes and their mechanics time to get our girls on the road. We wouldn’t be starting without them,” the team said.

The team’s director and co-founded Bob Varney added: “Unfortunately earlier this morning 14 of our Ribble Endurance SLR team bikes were stolen from our mechanic’s truck at the Macdonald Hill Valley Hotel, Whitchurch, Shropshire.

“This is an absolute hammer blow to our over achieving team already on a stretched budget. Thankfully our amazing community has rallied around and with the help several rival teams were are able to take the start this morning. But please help us track them down by sharing the story far and wide – thank you.”

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