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If we learned one thing while reviewing the Aventon Aventure, it’s that the little details matter most.

There’s few corners of the e-bike industry more competitive than the world of affordable fat-tire e-bikes. If there’s a race to build the best fat-tire e-bike for less than $2,000, companies like Rad Power Bikes and Himiway and a handful of others are seemingly in a dead heat. Who’s winning the race is subjective and depends entirely on who you ask, but there’s a simple truth I’m not sure is often acknowledged: There’s only so much you can do with a $2,000 budget.

Cost levels the playing field, and most of the popular e-bikes in this category are already pushing the envelope of what is possible without jacking the price of their bikes way, way up. That’s not to say they’re all exactly the same, but they do often use the same motors, the same batteries and extremely similar component options.

So, if you’re a brand like Aventon who has never built a full-size fat e-bike, how do you stand out from the pack?

You focus on the little things.

For starters, you name the bike after exactly what it was built for: Adventure. But, for style points and to conveniently match the name of your company, you drop the “d” in “adventure” and name it the Aventon Aventure.

You also give the bike a full-color LCD display that tells you what percentage of battery you have left instead of a little battery icon with bars; you seamlessly integrate the battery into the frame and make it just slightly larger than that competition; and you give the bike solid, sturdy metal fenders that don’t rattle over rough roads. These little details, and a few other things we’ll mention in this review, are what we think make the all-new Aventon Aventure an instant front-runner in the race to build the best affordable fat-tire electric bike.

All added up, Aventon’s attention to detail produced a bike that’s fast, stable and feels extraordinarily well built compared to some other bikes we’ve reviewed. It’s a Class 3 crusher in its prime habitat of paved bike paths and gravel roads and it’s also surprisingly capable on some tighter, slightly more technical mountain bike-style trails. That’s not to say it’s an eMTB, but if you ride conservatively and mind its 75lb weight, you can have a lot of fun exploring light singletrack and less accessible terrain. Like it’s name suggests, the Aventon Aventure is built for adventure.

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