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3 Ways Food Manufacturers Lie to You

In this video, I reveal 3 ways food manufacturers lie to you on their packaging. You might be surprised…

More than likely, there are hidden trans fats, sugar, and nutritionally-void food derivatives lurking in your food pantry. We can all be tricked by packaging, and claims of a healthier product than what is really in the ingredients.

Food manufacturers are clever on how to sell their product, and make you believe it’s the best choice in the aisle. It’s time to get street-smart about visual appeal versus reality, and dispel some myths about what grabs your eye on the packaging.

Watch this video to get my examples on the following 3 ways you can be tricked:

  1. Why you shouldn’t believe the word “natural”, which has never been approved as a definition by the FDA
  2. How the claim of “containing vegetables” isn’t really what it seems
  3. How the claim “contains zero grams of Trans Fat” can easily fool you, and why you’re probably eating more than you think!

After watching my examples, you’ll already feel a bit more street smart! The big take-away is to look at the ingredients rather than just the front package claims, and do your research. It’s your body, and your choice of what you eat.

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