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Yamaha Forms Subsidiary for Battery Swap ProgramYamaha Forms Subsidiary for Battery Swap Program

One of the limitations in using each of the forms of e-mobility, be it an EV, e-bike or some other device is range. What would allow users greater freedom would be eliminating concerns about range and with e-bikes, the best way to do that is when users can simply swap batteries.

Yamaha, in its effort to shape how e-bikes are adopted across the globe, has created a new subsidiary called Enyring. The company will offer a battery-swap program for e-bike riders. The service will be launched in the Netherlands and Germany in 2025.

With Enyring, subscribers will not own the batteries; rather, they are rented. As long as the subscriber has a current account with Yamaha, they are entitled to unlimited swaps. That means the only range limitation users will experience will regard time, not charge.

Yamaha plans to work with manufacturers to make compatibility as universal as possible. Presumably, this means standardizing the battery mounts used in e-bikes. Yamaha also has plans to break down old cells so they can be recycled.

If this seems like bleeding-edge technology, it’s not. In China, Nio provides battery swapping for e-bike riders and Gogoro runs a program on the island of Taiwan. Already, battery swapping was a $1.7 billion industry in 2022 and it is projected to grow to $11.8 billion by 2027.

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