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Ride quality is generally good when it comes to cruiser bikes, and we found that to be the case with the EVRYjourney 500W.

I liked the ergonomic, upright posture giving me a wide view of the path. The swept-back cruiser handlebars complement the upright seating, enhancing visibility and comfort.

Sixthreezero markets this bike to fit riders between 5ft and 6’4” as riders can adjust the handlebar stem and seat post height. At 5’ 11” I found the bike comfortable with only a quick adjustment of the seat height needed for my rides.

While the EVRYjourney does not feature suspension, it compensates with a wide leather seat infused with what Sixthreezero has affectionately named “cloud foam.” While I can’t personally speak on what a cloud feels like, in my time riding the EVRYjourney, the saddle, grips and riding posture collectively offered me a comfortable ride.

The bike is equipped with 26” x 1.95” semi-slick tires, a departure from the slightly wider tires often seen in the cruiser category. Despite their narrower profile, these tires impressed with their smooth roll and minimal road noise.

We don’t often see rain here in Southern Utah, but I had the chance to test the EVRYjourney on our local bike paths after a storm. Their performance on wet surfaces, especially during turns at higher pedal-assist speeds, was confidently secure, dispelling any concerns over traction. While the longevity of these unbranded tires remains to be seen, they’ve left a solid first impression.

I found pedaling the EVRYjourney on flats was fairly effortless, courtesy of the 7-Speed Shimano Tourney gearing system, which provided a satisfying range of pedal resistance across all pedal-assist settings and even in manual mode.

The bike uses a cadence sensor for motor activation, a common feature in its category, which contributes to good acceleration after a modest pedal turn. In our experience, cadence sensors allow e-bikes like the EVRYjourney to provide a casual and enjoyable feel that we believe is well-suited to the style of a beach cruiser.

Bottomline, I found the EVRYjourney 500W to be comfortable in my nearly 100 miles of testing.

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