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Bosch Announces Smart System UpdateBosch Announces Smart System Update

Bosch eBike Systems has announced a major update to its smart system. This is the system software behind their Kiox 300 and 500 displays used on many e-bikes we’ve seen equipped with Bosch motors, as well as their Flow smartphone app.

The biggest single change is introduction of the new “Dynamic Screen,” in which the display will switch to different screens based on the terrain the rider is on; the displays will show data relevant to where the rider is riding. For instance, if a rider is going uphill, they will be shown power, cadence and elevation. Once they are headed downhill, they will see current speed in large numbers. Once back on the flats, the display will shift to distance traveled and range.

Also, thanks to new integrations to the Flow app, riders can view heart rate data from external heart rate monitors on either the Flow app or their Kiox display. There’s also a new screen to display elevation graphs, performance data and time spent in different riding modes. Also, for riders in Europe or anyone who wants to limit their speed, there’s a limit mode riders can select in order to limit their speed to 25kph (18 mph).

Riding modes can still be customized in the Flow app. Rather than being restricted to one mode at a time, riders can now select “Auto” mode in the Flow app and it will change modes dynamically, in response to the riding conditions, increasing assistance when going uphill, while dialing it back when going downhill.

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