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Mia Griffin may be funded for track, but her road results last year have secured for her a deserved bump on the funding awarded by Sport Ireland

There may be five fewer cyclists funded by Sport Ireland in 2024, but Mia Griffin has been bumped up to the highest level of €40,000 while other riders have seen their funds increased, in line with increases for other athletes across Irish sport.

Unfortunately there is no place for road riders on the funding list this year, with Megan Armitage (EF Education-Cannondale) absent despite an incredible 2023, when she became the first Irish woman to win a UCI-ranked stage race.

Archie Ryan and Darren Rafferty are also omitted from this year’s funding, after being included last year. Track sprinter Orla Walsh is also absent after not qualifying for funding while Emily Kay is another absentee, due to her retirement from international cycling.

While Erin Creighton has effectively taken Kay’s place in the Irish team pursuit line-up, she has not yet had time to score the results that would secure funding.

Ryan and Rafferty were funded to the tune of €18,000 and €25,000 last year but now that they have secured World Tour contracts – both with EF Education-EasyPost – they are no longer eligible for any funding. World Tour cyclists are excluded by Sport Ireland.

As usual, the paracyclists make up the bulk of the funded riders. That comes as no surprise as they include some of Irish cycling’s – indeed Ireland’s – best hopes for medals at the Paris Games this summer.

Sport Ireland has today announced all of the athletes to receive high performance funding this year, with Griffin the only one on the list who has been bumped up a notch; from ‘world class’ to ‘podium’ potential.

That follows her results last year, which included the first ever podium by an Irish woman in a World Tour race.

The four elite cyclists funded make up the team pursuit line-up that now looks certain to qualify for the Olympics. Griffin is on €40,000 ‘podium’ funding this year while her team mates – Lara Gillespie, Kelly Murphy and Alice Sharpe – are on €25,000 ‘world class’ funding.

There are no fewer than five riders on the highest level of funding – €40,000 each under the ‘podium’ category – in the paracycling team; Katie-George Dunlevy, Eve McCrystal, Ronan Grime, Josephine Healion and Linda Kelly.

Fellow paracyclists Christopher Burns and Richael Timothy have each secured €25,000 after being classified as ‘world class’. There are also five more paracyclists on €18,000 per person under the ‘international’ category. There are: Martin Gordon, Eoin Mullen, Declan Slevin, Damien Vereker and Mitchell McLaughlin.

Funded Riders 2024

  • Mia Griffin Podium €40,000
  • Lara Gillespie World Class €25,000
  • Kelly Murphy World Class €25,000
  • Alice Sharpe World Class €25,000
  • Katie-George Dunlevy & Eve McCrystal Podium €80,000
  • Ronan Grimes Podium €40,000
  • Josephine Healion & Linda Kelly Podium €80,000
  • Christopher Burns World Class €25,000
  • Richael Timothy World Class €25,000
  • Martin Gordon & Eoin Mullen International €36,000
  • Declan Slevin International €18,000
  • Damien Vereker & Mitchell McLaughlin International €36,000

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